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Container Technology Trend

Container technology has been receiving a lot of attention in recent days. At the end of February, IBM, Google, OpenStack and Mirantis made announcements about their container plans. According to Forrester storage analyst Henry Balatzar reporting from IBM InterConnect, “Everyone is going container crazy.” In the same week, IBM announced broad support for containers in…

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Docker Uses Open Source and Cloud to Grow

Ben Golub, founder and CEO of the container management company Docker, isn’t too surprised that the tech industry is looking to him for new solutions. It’s just happening a lot more quickly than he anticipated. Commenting on the four-year-old company, Golub said: “Before the printing press nobody wrote because it was a pain to produce…

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Colocation vs. Virtualization

Data center colocation is growing steadily. The trend is nicely complemented by the virtualization of IT resources. What is colocation? Colocation refers to the moving or placing of things together. In IT terms, this indicates the provision of space for a customer’s telecommunication’s or computer equipment at the service provider’s premises. For instance, a website…

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Top 5 Risks in Public Clouds

It’s a common misconception that public clouds are necessarily insecure, and that the only way to meet security standards is through implementing private clouds. Well, it’s important to consider that many large software and hardware vendors are responsible for the “public cloud = insecure” myth. After all, setting up a private cloud means buying a…

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Who Has Yet To Go On the Cloud – Part II

In Part I of this article we discussed the bright future of cloud computing that is expected to go even bigger. We also mentioned how some industries and companies will have to suffer due to this technological gap as not every company will be able to meet the demanding requirements. In addition to third world…

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