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New ISO Cloud Standards

A new International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) standard released in mid-October defines emerging cloud computing concepts, including the public and private cloud. In the new release, cloud computing was described as “an evolving paradigm.” It also identified and described key characteristics of cloud computing. A separate standard has also been developed for cloud…

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Rackspace Sets the Standard

Cloud hosting provider Rackspace is garnering recognition, particularly in the Asia Pacific market. This isn’t an easy feat, as the company operates in a highly competitive cloud hosting space that is primarily dominated by Amazon, Google and Microsoft. In order to be successful, any company needs to exercise some smarts. A different approach Rackspace believes…

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Defining Compliance in the Cloud

When a function is moved to the cloud that is governed by legal or regulatory requirements, should it fall out of compliance due to an error on the cloud vendor’s part, the law won’t go after the vendor – all this is the responsibility of the CIO. It`s important to ensure that the cloud vendor…

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Collaboration Oriented Architectures

The Jericho Forum’s Cloud Cube Model points out the flaws in a perimeter-based approach to security. Since the introduction of the model, many products and companies have claimed to be “Jericho Compliant,” though it is not 100 percent clear what this means. The Jericho Forum has suggested that “collaboration oriented architecture” will come to replace…

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Jericho Forum Commandments

Jericho Forum “Commandments” define the areas and principles that are necessary when planning for a de-perimeterized future. What is Jericho Forum? The Jericho Forum began as a user forum for discussing the problem of de-perimeterization, in which centralized firewalls became less effective as the mainstay of corporate security due to mobility, partnering, outsourcing, telecommuting, and…

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