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Challenges of Data Fragmentation

When we consider how information is proliferating across many different types of storage, such as mobile devices and cloud services, one of the first things that springs to mind is security. This is certainly a major challenge. However, as discussed in a previous article, fragmentation of corporate data results in a new range of issues….

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Considering Personal Security

What does online security mean to you? A “strong” password? Or just one that can’t be guessed by a family member or friend? Personal privacy becomes a much larger issue when exposed to cloud environments. While the cloud makes a wide array of tools and apps available, each one means a new path that attackers…

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2012 Cloud Market Maturity Report

When cloud computing broke into the market, it captured the attention of business and technology leaders alike. It came with the expectation of change for many aspects of how technology would be acquired, managed and used. Others argued that cloud computing would be a disruptive technology, altering how enterprises would be able to leverage information…

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Confidence in the Cloud

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA have recently released their Cloud Market Maturity report, which outlines the top ten issues regarding enterprise cloud adoption. According to the report, cloud confidence is lowest in government regulation as a driving or securing factor in the market. A Look at the Report The Cloud Market Maturity report…

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Independent Verification is Necessary in Cloud Environments

Two independent studies have recently predicted that the cloud will take an even larger slice of the pie. According to Forrester, cloud computing will exceed $240 billion in 2020, while Market Research Media declared that it would be closer to $270 billion in 2020. To those in the industry, none of this is particularly surprising,…

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