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Lenovo Expands in Cloud Computing

On September 18, Lenovo announced that it was making inroads into the cloud. Following the lead of other PC manufacturers, the world’s second-largest maker of personal computers acquired a small US software company Stoneware, making a place for itself in the quickly-growing field of cloud computing. Joint forces According to Lenovo, purchasing Stoneware would significantly…

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Trigeneration in the Data Center

A huge issue in the data center industry is the amount of power that is wasted. Of course, any time there is a large amount of waste, we also have people thinking about what could be done with that waste. This article takes a look at trigeneration, one interesting solution to this problem. What is…

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Skyrocketing Consumer Cloud Storage Needs

It’s been estimated that consumers will store over one-third of their digital content in the cloud by 2016. This surprising statistic comes from Gartner’s recent study on consumer cloud storage, entitled Forecast: Consumer Digital Storage Needs, 2010-2016. Although local data storage will continue to be the main repository for consumers’ digital information, the trend towards…

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SpiderOak: High-Security Cloud Storage

SpiderOak is an attractive, secure solution for file synchronization across multiple PCs and mobile devices running different operating systems and browsers. With the advent of cloud services and the “bring-your-own-device” phenomenon, the need to access everything from anywhere has only been highlighted. SpiderOak attempts to secure sensitive data by combining security associated with internal file…

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Taking your Office to the Cloud

Plenty of IT departments these days are looking for opportunities to move things out of their server rooms, and into someone else’s. This has led to the rise of popular services, including Google Apps and Office 365 – with their email, calendaring and other web-based services – present replacement options for software running on enterprise…

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