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Considering the Hybrid Cloud?

For many, the hybrid cloud is an attractive solution to having to select between various technology solutions. These composite solutions are made up of different elements, suggesting that the organization benefits from the best of both worlds. But what does hybrid cloud truly mean in this day and age? Defining the Hybrid Cloud The National…

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IBM Makes a Deal with California Government Agencies

The state of California has announced that it is investing in its own private cloud in order to ease flow of government service channels that are all too common place in the densely populated state. This article introduces “CalCloud,” a collaboration between the California Department of Technology and tech giant IBM. It is designed to…

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IBM Projects $7 Billion Cloud Revenue

Back in 2011, IBM projected that cloud services would generate $7 billion in revenue for the company by 2015. This statement came during an interview with IBM’s CFO Mark Loughridge. This year, the company’s path towards this ambitious goal became clearer. This article takes a closer look at how IBM has delved deeper into the…

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Looking Closer at the Private Cloud

Private cloud or virtualization? Why would you need a private cloud? If you only know the time and resource investment that’s required to transforming your data center into a private cloud, you might not even want to embark on that project. Yet, there are certain organizations that are better served by adopting this new data…

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US Department of Defense – Strategizing in the Cloud

The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act directed the US Department of Defense (DoD) to transition from private clouds controlled by the Department to public, commercial clouds. The reasoning behind this was that commercial clouds would be able to provide better service at reduced cost to taxpayers. Now, critics are arguing that this was a major…

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