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Container Technology Trend

Container technology has been receiving a lot of attention in recent days. At the end of February, IBM, Google, OpenStack and Mirantis made announcements about their container plans. According to Forrester storage analyst Henry Balatzar reporting from IBM InterConnect, “Everyone is going container crazy.” In the same week, IBM announced broad support for containers in…

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Docker Uses Open Source and Cloud to Grow

Ben Golub, founder and CEO of the container management company Docker, isn’t too surprised that the tech industry is looking to him for new solutions. It’s just happening a lot more quickly than he anticipated. Commenting on the four-year-old company, Golub said: “Before the printing press nobody wrote because it was a pain to produce…

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Google Open Sources Orchestration Tools

Borg is just one of many technological trade secrets Google has been keeping for a long time. It’s a sweeping software system that managed thousands of computer servers responsible for Google’s online empire. Through Borg, Google engineers could instantly access huge amounts of computing power from across the company’s data centers and apply it to…

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PostGres is Now Available as a Cloud Cluster Service

PostGres, shortened for PostGresSQL, is one of the world’s most advanced database management systems. It is available on multiple platforms including Solaris, Linux, Max OS X, FreeBSD and Microsoft Windows and is already being used by web administrators all around the world. It is open source free software with extensible data types, functions, index methods,…

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Open Source Future of the Cloud

As more and more organizations are attracted to the cloud for customization, agility and flexibility, it’s becoming clear that the open environment could add another dimension. On its own, open-source software is becoming popular within enterprises for its stability, scalability and reliability. Many companies find open-source technologies useful as they are highly customizable, secure, reliable…

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