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IEEE & Cloud Interoperability Standards

The IEEE’s attention to cloud interoperability standards has created even more interest in cloud computing, while at the same time creating new obstacles for cloud service providers. While attention to cloud computing can attract new users to the cloud, many service providers might be reluctant to support interoperability standards that aim to facilitate moving users…

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Cloud Data Transfers

Data-transfer cloud computing performance is a contentious issue. For some, cloud services provide great performance, while others don’t think they perform well. Actually, both sides are true. It just depends on how you use cloud services and how your providers are offering these services. Defining Data Transfer Performance There are three basic, or core, patterns…

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CloudFoundry: The First Open Paas Solution

Launched in April 2011, Cloud Foundry was touted as the first open PaaS solution. It is part of a new generation of application platform, designed specifically for cloud environments and delivered as a service from enterprise datacenters and public cloud service providers. Cloud Foundry was built with help from Mark Lucovsky, the technical director at…

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Cloud Service Providers & Questionable Contracts

Cloud service contracts are often rushed through, which leads to costly blunders and serious risks. According to a recent Techaisle estimate, small and medium businesses are reviewing and signing about $11 billion worth of cloud service contracts, in 2011 alone. Four Risks Whenever an enterprise is planning to enter into a cloud computing contract, it…

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Cloud Interoperability: Approaches and Challenges

Numerous governments and enterprises are looking to cloud computing strategies to consolidate their IT infrastructures, cut spending, ensure their IT systems will be scalable and facilitate innovation in services. At the same time, cloud service providers are identifying and addressing the challenges posed by mixed IT environments. Service providers and vendors are finding that they…

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