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Legal Issues Around Cloud Computing Services: UK Context

As mentioned in previous articles, the legal side of cloud computing can be messy. In the UK, it’s difficult to find a consumer or business that doesn’t rely on at least one cloud-based service provider. Cloud is more ubiquitous and convenient to use than ever before, though this makes it dangerous as many companies could…

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Legal Issues around Cloud Computing Services: Canadian Context

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, the cloud model has been criticized for the risk it introduces in terms of data privacy and security breaches. In Canada as well as other countries worldwide, numerous privacy laws are at work at both the federal and local (provincial) level. Additionally, regulated industries – for example, financial services…

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Legal Issues Around Cloud Computing Services: US Context

As cloud service providers gain traction, a new set of concerns are emerging over cloud computing legalities. Many customers are understandably reluctant to commit without knowing where they are, legally speaking, but it’s troubling that many organizations are unaware of their cloud-related legal issues before they sign a service contract. This article provides important information…

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Introduction to the Legal Issues around Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services face a wide variety of legal issues and concerns, many of which represent obstacles for customers. The problem is that many customers of cloud services hesitate to commit without understanding their legal standing, however, just as many remain unaware of cloud-related legal issues before they start using services. It’s important to understand…

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Cloud Computing Act

The Cloud Computing Act was filed by Senator Amy Klobuchar in September 2012. It aimed to improve enforcement of civil and criminal laws on cloud computing. Background For those who are unfamiliar, the Cloud Computing Act was introduced in the US Congress as an amendment to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), which was…

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