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Verizon Blowing Off Public Cloud Ambitions

In a quiet, unpublicized move, Verizon Enterprise is bowing out of the public cloud business.  The company contacted Verizon Public Cloud Reserved Performance Marketplace customers and released a statement on their website: “Verizon is focusing on our Virtual Private Cloud and Private Cloud platforms and services. As businesses develop during their journey to becoming digital…

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Encryption Interoperability and Key Management in the Cloud

The National Institute of Standards and Technology defines a cryptographic key as “a parameter used in conjunction with a cryptographic algorithm that determines its operation in such a way that an entity with knowledge of the key can reproduce or reverse the operation, while an entity without knowledge of the key cannot.” Encryption key management…

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Problems with Data Protection Technologies

As mentioned in an earlier article, data protection is enforced b network devices, operating systems, or applications. Experts have argued that this approach is fundamentally flawed, especially given the trend towards de-perimeterization. Common issues The main goal of network devices, operating systems, applications, etc. is not security. Their inclusion as part of the enforcement mechanism…

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Cloud Storage Initiative: Establishing Standards and Interoperability

Cloud computing technologies have infiltrated to almost every application possible, bringing with it a sense of bewilderment and confusion for end-users. For a while now, industry associations have been talking about setting up standards and establishing interoperability, in order to provide guidance for customers.  This article takes a look at the Storage Networking Industry Association’s…

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DMTF & Cloud Management Standards

Over the last few years, the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF, formerly known as the Desktop Management Task Force), has developed a number of cloud management standards aimed at enterprise IT managers to better deliver cloud services, reduce IT costs and improve operational efficiencies. This article takes a look at the progress the DMTF has…

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