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Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Names Leaders, Visionaries and Niche Players

  We’ve been talking a lot about the infrastructure as a service segment of the cloud market. Now that Gartner has released its Magic Quadrant methodology, there’s a lot more information to look at. What’s Magic Quadrant? Gartner Magic Quadrants are a research methodology on a specific market, providing a wide-angle view of the relative…

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CenturyLink Joins the IaaS Game

Everyone’s following the race to the bottom in terms of cloud pricing. This started with Google, Microsoft and Amazon all cutting prices for virtual machines, storage and bandwidth. In certain situations, these price cuts saved consumers between 40-60 percent on their cloud bills. Now, the cloud provider CenturyLink aims to compete on the same level…

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Amazon vs. ProfitBricks

Amazon’s cloud computing service may encounter a new rival with an interesting offering on providing virtual servers. Rather than offering several types of pre-defined instances (each with a ­predetermined amount of memory, storage and CPU power), ProfitBricks, a new infrastructure as a service (IaaS) company is prepared to allow its customers to create their own…

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IBM Projects $7 Billion Cloud Revenue

Back in 2011, IBM projected that cloud services would generate $7 billion in revenue for the company by 2015. This statement came during an interview with IBM’s CFO Mark Loughridge. This year, the company’s path towards this ambitious goal became clearer. This article takes a closer look at how IBM has delved deeper into the…

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Adoption Trends for SMBs

of cloud services. This is not just a North American trend, rather the phenomenon of SMB cloud adoption seems to be observable worldwide. This article takes a look at what this trend will mean for those working with, or interested in cloud services. A close look at SMBs The firm Parallels, specialist in hosting and…

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