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New Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide – Pt. I

New Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide – Pt. I Ensuring that sensitive data is secure is a top priority for the US Department of Defense (DoD). The agency’s latest cloud computing security requirements are important for cloud computing vendors aiming to help midsize firms keep their data safe. Latest Guidelines The DoD’s new Cloud Computing…

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IBM Makes a Deal with California Government Agencies

The state of California has announced that it is investing in its own private cloud in order to ease flow of government service channels that are all too common place in the densely populated state. This article introduces “CalCloud,” a collaboration between the California Department of Technology and tech giant IBM. It is designed to…

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French Government Surveillance Scandal

At the beginning of July, the French newspaper Le Monde revealed a controversy regarding French security services allegedly involved in US NSA-type tapping of internet and phone communications, text messages, and faxes. These surveillance activities have even been successful enough that most electronic communications in France are now being collected by the direction générale de…

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Cloud Data Protection in the UK

According to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), a surprising number of companies are neglecting their data protection responsibilities when they move data into the cloud. As cloud computing becomes more pervasive, more and more personal data is being moved out of companies’ data centers and into cloud environments, meaning that the data could potentially…

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Who’s not in the Cloud? Part I

Cloud computing is on a constant rise with more and more people and companies using it for one reason or another. The technology does not show any signs of slowing down with a growing number of providers offering the services. Big things are expected to happen in the industry with the cloud services becoming more…

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