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Container Technology Trend

Container technology has been receiving a lot of attention in recent days. At the end of February, IBM, Google, OpenStack and Mirantis made announcements about their container plans. According to Forrester storage analyst Henry Balatzar reporting from IBM InterConnect, “Everyone is going container crazy.” In the same week, IBM announced broad support for containers in…

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Google Gives Startups A Little Help

In mid-September, Google announced that it would provide startups a bit of extra help through its program called Cloud Platform for Startups. The tech giant said it would be giving away $100,000 in cloud computing credits to “early stage” startups, that is, new companies less than five years old, and that generate less than $500,000…

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Google Open Sources Orchestration Tools

Borg is just one of many technological trade secrets Google has been keeping for a long time. It’s a sweeping software system that managed thousands of computer servers responsible for Google’s online empire. Through Borg, Google engineers could instantly access huge amounts of computing power from across the company’s data centers and apply it to…

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CenturyLink Joins the IaaS Game

Everyone’s following the race to the bottom in terms of cloud pricing. This started with Google, Microsoft and Amazon all cutting prices for virtual machines, storage and bandwidth. In certain situations, these price cuts saved consumers between 40-60 percent on their cloud bills. Now, the cloud provider CenturyLink aims to compete on the same level…

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Encryption Remains Rare

Security in the cloud has long been a concern, however, a recent Ponemon Institute report reveals that there has been a minimal increase in terms of encryption within cloud environments. Together with Thales e-Security, an encryption solutions provider, the Ponemon Institute released its third annual report on global trends in cloud encryption. Their findings reflected…

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