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Why is Europe lagging behind the US in cloud adoption?

As we introduced in an earlier article, trends indicate that European businesses are lagging behind US companies in terms of cloud service adoption. This is somewhat counterintuitive, given that Europe – in particular, Western Europe, represents a high cost and high price market, where the adoption of new technologies presents a competitive advantage. Moving to…

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European Enterprises Unprepared for the Cloud

According to a recent survey by the International Data Corporation (IDC), less than half of European enterprises are actually cloud-ready. The survey found that many IT departments in Europe still need to make significant improvements before they can fully embrace cloud architectures and transform themselves into effective cloud service providers. A closer look… The IDC’s…

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EU Cloud Security Firm F-Secure

We’re well aware that those in the EU take their privacy more seriously than most in the US. A Finnish online security company known as F-Secure wants to help people look after their data. The concept behind F-Secure isn’t too groundbreaking; the product allows people to access their photos, documents and video files from anywhere…

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EU Encourages Cloud Adoption

Despite fears regarding spying and data security after the recent PRISM scandal, the European Commission (EC) encourages businesses to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing. When the scandal was first revealed this summer, concerns have been voiced regarding the ability of government spies to access data, and loss of confidence in cloud services….

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Germany Sends a Warning to Cloud Users

Last week, Germany’s Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich – the country’s top security official – cautioned privacy watchdogs and citizens alike to avoid US-based service providers. Of course, Friedrich is not the first EU official to issue this sort of warning, especially as details emerge about the US government’s widespread surveillance programs. Impact on US Companies…

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