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Cloud Computing Impacting Disaster Recovery

We all know how the cloud offers various benefits, including cost-effective use of resources, rapid provisioning, easy scalability and flexible elasticity. These just aren’t offered as part of local on-site servers and services. However, one commonly overlooked benefit is the changes that the cloud offers to companies’ disaster recovery plans.  Of course, the importance of…

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Insurance for Cloud Liability

These days, service outages seem to be part of the technology landscape, especially in the cloud environment. It seems prudent to consider that at some point, your systems will fail, whether it is due to hacking, power outages or simply a hardware failure. Many in the tech industry recommend the “build for failure” approach, however…

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Getting Executive Buy-In for Cloud-Based Projects

The majority of IT professionals are pretty well aware of the potential (and projected) benefits of public cloud storage. Cloud services offer attractive scalability of resources, competitive pricing, pay-per-use pricing models, reduced administration and render data accessible from anywhere. Furthermore, public cloud storage eliminates capital investments for servers and storage. IT professionals are freed from…

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Building a Secure Cloud Infrastructure

For those of us considering IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions, it’s important to consider various requirements of a secure cloud infrastructure. It’s important to contextualize what “security” means in an IaaS context. Secure Infrastructure Basics As with any cloud solution, some security concerns fall in the realm of the cloud service provider, while others…

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Amazon Cloud Outage: April 2011

By now, just about everyone’s been affected by – or at the very least, heard of – the Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud) outage that occurred from April 21 to 22, 2011. Unfortunately, the incident took down many businesses and websites, including the well-known Heroku, Quora, Reddit, Hootsuite, Foursquare and Engine Yard. This event, combined with…

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