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New Interest in Data Centers

Interest was generated around data centers when Facebook recently built one in Sweden. Though data centers generally don’t generate a lot of media attention, Facebook’s data center garnered some buzz. This might be because of its remote location, green aspect, or that it’s Facebook. Beyond all the PR, there is real potential for savings here….

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Rackspace Sets the Standard

Cloud hosting provider Rackspace is garnering recognition, particularly in the Asia Pacific market. This isn’t an easy feat, as the company operates in a highly competitive cloud hosting space that is primarily dominated by Amazon, Google and Microsoft. In order to be successful, any company needs to exercise some smarts. A different approach Rackspace believes…

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Processing Power, One Truck at a Time

All over the United States, warehouses are receiving the physical architecture of cloud computing. We’re talking about boxes upon boxes of equipment like server racks, chests of drawers, giving the cloud a physicality. These are the stacks of computer servers that make remote computing and storage possible. With more and more companies moving their data…

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Colocation vs. Virtualization

Data center colocation is growing steadily. The trend is nicely complemented by the virtualization of IT resources. What is colocation? Colocation refers to the moving or placing of things together. In IT terms, this indicates the provision of space for a customer’s telecommunication’s or computer equipment at the service provider’s premises. For instance, a website…

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Security of Virtualized Data Centers

Many companies are enjoying the benefits of virtualized data centers. The ease they offer is unmatched, as they make everything easier and swifter. Companies that have adapted this technology are finding it easy to manage work, while cutting down their costs. Today’s climate Today, almost every company is using cloud computing in one form or…

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