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Introduction to the Legal Issues around Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services face a wide variety of legal issues and concerns, many of which represent obstacles for customers. The problem is that many customers of cloud services hesitate to commit without understanding their legal standing, however, just as many remain unaware of cloud-related legal issues before they start using services. It’s important to understand…

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Fears of Government Snooping Prevent Cloud Adoption

Cloud security garners even more attention as a recent report from Lieberman Research revealed that almost half of IT professionals were reticent to keep sensitive data in the cloud because of the potential of government intervention. Conducted at the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Congress, the study found that most respondents preferred to retain their most…

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2012 Cloud Market Maturity Report

When cloud computing broke into the market, it captured the attention of business and technology leaders alike. It came with the expectation of change for many aspects of how technology would be acquired, managed and used. Others argued that cloud computing would be a disruptive technology, altering how enterprises would be able to leverage information…

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Confidence in the Cloud

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA have recently released their Cloud Market Maturity report, which outlines the top ten issues regarding enterprise cloud adoption. According to the report, cloud confidence is lowest in government regulation as a driving or securing factor in the market. A Look at the Report The Cloud Market Maturity report…

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Over the summer of 2011, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced a new initiative, which urged cloud service providers to voluntarily disclose their compliance with CSA-recommended best practices for cloud security. This initiative, known as the Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR), was described by the CSA as “a new initiative to encourage transparency of…

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