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AgTech: Crops in the Cloud 

Farming is traditionally a family affair. Generations of land and techniques pass down in the family business. As younger farmers take on more responsibilities, they are bringing new technology along with them. AgTech, the process of combining agriculture and technology, is an up and coming business sector. Increasingly, farmers are relying on 21st century technologies to keep their generations-old businesses growing. AgTech…

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Keeping Protected Health Information Safe in the Cloud

Does your doctor’s office store your personal health information in the cloud? As electronic health records become more commonplace, entities that must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are looking for ways to streamline storage and backups of all of these data. While the cloud seems like an obvious solution, is…

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Millions of Mexican Voters’ Records Found Freely Floating in the Cloud

Mexican voter registration data was publicly accessible until a researcher found it on Amazon Web Services. This data contained 93.4 million records and included names, birthdates, addresses, occupations, voter identification numbers, and other information. MacKeeper Researcher Chris Vickery discovered the data hosted on the AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) in April 2016. After his finding,…

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Attorney General to Uber: Not So Fast

Uber and Office of the New York City Attorney General reached a settlement over a recent data breach concerning the failure to encrypt data and keep safeguards on sensitive information.  The settlement is two-fold: drivers’ personal data was leaked and not reported to the drivers in a timely manner and company employees inappropriately accessed passengers’…

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Cloud Data Protection Pact Announced by Cloud Tech Giant

  Announcement at Data Technology Day in Beijing Over 2,000 of the world’s major players in data management and cloud technology attended the inaugural Data Technology Day in Bejing last week. The event was organized by Alibaba’s cloud computing subsidiary Aliyun. Government agencies, developers, and elites were on hand to hear the details about the…

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