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Database Activity Monitoring: Best Practices

As discussed in a previous article, database activity monitoring (DAM) represents an effective compliance and security strategy. In fact, DAM products are a significant element of data security programs and are used by over half of Fortune 500 companies. There is a wide variety of DAM systems, which work differently to the specifics of the…

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Who’s not in the Cloud? Part I

Cloud computing is on a constant rise with more and more people and companies using it for one reason or another. The technology does not show any signs of slowing down with a growing number of providers offering the services. Big things are expected to happen in the industry with the cloud services becoming more…

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Cloud Computing Manifesto

The Cloud Computing Manifesto is a document describing the principles and intentions guiding cloud computing providers and vendors. While it touts itself as “a call to action for the worldwide cloud community” under the “dedicated believe that the cloud should be open,” there are some detractors who point out that there are significant problems with…

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Cloud Standards Customer Council

The recent widespread migration to the cloud and influx of cloud-based services has resulted in a lot of market confusion. Cloud standards created in a hurry, combined with a huge surge of open source activity has pointed out the need for consistent standards development. The Cloud Standards Customer Council recognizes how current standards development efforts…

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Putting Together a Successful Cloud Architecture

Although there’s a lot of buzz out there on building your own cloud computing services that are guaranteed successful, we all know enough to be skeptical. Is it really that easy? Can cloud architecture really be that straightforward? This article takes a closer look at some guidelines regarding the definition, design and implementation of cloud…

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