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Millions of Mexican Voters’ Records Found Freely Floating in the Cloud

Mexican voter registration data was publicly accessible until a researcher found it on Amazon Web Services. This data contained 93.4 million records and included names, birthdates, addresses, occupations, voter identification numbers, and other information. MacKeeper Researcher Chris Vickery discovered the data hosted on the AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) in April 2016. After his finding,…

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Google Gives Startups A Little Help

In mid-September, Google announced that it would provide startups a bit of extra help through its program called Cloud Platform for Startups. The tech giant said it would be giving away $100,000 in cloud computing credits to “early stage” startups, that is, new companies less than five years old, and that generate less than $500,000…

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CenturyLink Joins the IaaS Game

Everyone’s following the race to the bottom in terms of cloud pricing. This started with Google, Microsoft and Amazon all cutting prices for virtual machines, storage and bandwidth. In certain situations, these price cuts saved consumers between 40-60 percent on their cloud bills. Now, the cloud provider CenturyLink aims to compete on the same level…

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Amazon & Google’s Price Drop

Cloud computing prices are being driven down, and quickly at that. On Tuesday, March 25, Google announced some pretty dramatic price cuts across its range of services for running software applications and websites and storing large quantities of data. Just one day later, Amazon echoed that by cutting prices on its own set of cloud…

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Amazon Cloud Ahead of its Peers

Recently, two important sources have named Amazon Web Services (AWS) as head and shoulders above the competition, particularly in terms of providing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) offerings to their clients. Here’s the proof Research firm Gartner’s most recent MagicQuadrant on IaaS placed Amazon in its leaders category, far…

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