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WS-Security 101

WS-Security outlines enhancements to SOAP messaging in order to provide quality of protection via message integrity, message confidentiality and single-message authentication. These mechanisms can be used to accommodate a wide variety of security models and encryption technologies. SAML vs. WS-Security Contrary to popular belief, SAML and WS-Security are not competitive specifications for web services security….

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Cloud-Based Identity Management Solutions: Options, Risks, Advantages

Cloud-based identity management is very important for everyone. Companies or even individuals cannot afford for things to go wrong. It is vital to have the right digital image in the cloud, as it tells people a lot about you. If your identity in the cloud is not managed properly, your image might be at risk….

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Identity Management Tools in the Cloud

Identity management is an often vague category, especially in cloud environments. Here, we understand “identity management” as a set of policies and tools that identify individuals within a system or network. As a result of cloud computing developments, identity management software is more rapid and capable than ever before. These days, an IT administrator can…

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Comparing Cloud-Based Password Managers

Cloud-based password management apps are quickly becoming a popular solution to the myriad login credentials we all need to remember. Sure, you could use the same username and passwords for all the online services you use and the websites you visit, but that’s risky business. It’s far better to create new credentials for each network…

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Where do you keep your passwords?

We’ve all got a long list of credentials to remember: work email, personal email, social media accounts, online banking information… the list of different usernames and passwords goes on. Where do you keep your passwords – locally or in the cloud? And which is safer? With all the password management applications out there, this is…

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