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How to Conduct a Cloud Computing Audit

We all know about the benefits that cloud computing and outsourced operations can provide to an organization, especially in terms of cost and resource efficiency. However, there are also additional risks, as the organization must relinquish some control over its data and IT environment. This article examines the basics of conducting a comprehensive cloud computing…

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Over the summer of 2011, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced a new initiative, which urged cloud service providers to voluntarily disclose their compliance with CSA-recommended best practices for cloud security. This initiative, known as the Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR), was described by the CSA as “a new initiative to encourage transparency of…

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Developing a Governance Framework in the Cloud

According to industry experts, 2011 has been deemed the “Year of the Data Breach,” unfortunately giving cloud computing the reputation of being insecure. For this reason, it’s essential that organizations in the cloud, as well as organizations considering a move to the cloud, understand and implement an effect governance framework in the cloud. What is…

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Four Elements of Cloud Identity

As more and more organizations, users, applications and devices are moving into the cloud, the question of identity becomes increasingly complex. Identity is tied to issues of visibility, control and security. This article examines identity issues within the cloud. It looks at the critical elements of a cloud identity strategy. Four Main Elements Cloud identity…

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Cloud Security Standards

Whether an organization is considering SaaS (software as a service) applications, PaaS (platform as a service) models or IaaS (infrastructure as a service) options, it’s pretty much a given that security and compliance issues will be priority considerations. However, potential cloud service customers do run into trouble trying to determine if the security and audit…

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