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The Treacherous 12 – Continued: 2016’s Top 5 Cloud Security Threats

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced 2016’s top cloud security threats in March during the RSA Conference. The list puts a spotlight on poor cloud computing choices that grow into legal and public image nightmares for enterprises. Two hundred and seventy-one people responded to the study, and almost half were Americans in the tech industry….

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Securing an API Strategy

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a crucial technology trend, which has given rise to new business models based on them. This so-called “API economy” is fast growing and has led to a change in the perspectives of many organizations, which are now making access to internal data available to third parties. This enables both partners…

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Putting Together a Successful Cloud Architecture

Although there’s a lot of buzz out there on building your own cloud computing services that are guaranteed successful, we all know enough to be skeptical. Is it really that easy? Can cloud architecture really be that straightforward? This article takes a closer look at some guidelines regarding the definition, design and implementation of cloud…

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Cloud Interoperability: Approaches and Challenges

Numerous governments and enterprises are looking to cloud computing strategies to consolidate their IT infrastructures, cut spending, ensure their IT systems will be scalable and facilitate innovation in services. At the same time, cloud service providers are identifying and addressing the challenges posed by mixed IT environments. Service providers and vendors are finding that they…

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CloudAudit/A6 & the CSA

CloudAudit, initially launched in January 2010, is a working group made up of volunteers with cloud, networking, security, audit, assurance and architecture backgrounds. Addressing Challenges in the Cloud CloudAudit addresses the issue of transparency, a major challenge within the cloud computing industry. In order to meet compliance and security requirements, enterprises often need some access…

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