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Cloud Adoption & Risk Report 2015

The latest report from Skyhigh Networks has examined the issues for enterprises who share cloud data with partners, with almost 30 percent of data shared with partners considered “high risk.” The publication, entitled the Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, asserts that security does not end at the corporate perimeter. The average number of cloud services…

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Seven Big Cloud Trends

We’ve seen a huge surge in interest in cloud computing. A couple of factors have been attributed to this change – first that it is one of the most disruptive technologies to have emerged on the playing field in the last decade. Secondly, the cloud technology adoption and application holds promise for the future. The…

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State of the Cloud Survey: Key Findings

Cloud computing is currently being bolstered by a huge amount of confidence from almost every industry. It’s one of the most significant and disruptive technologies to emerge on the scene within the last decade. But what do the application of cloud technologies promise for the future? According to the RightScale 2014 survey entitled Cloud Computing…

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Gaming in the Cloud

Cloud computing has changed the way a lot of industries do things – from music to retail to healthcare, cloud is making its way into the IT strategies of various fields. Many other industries are also taking advantage of an outsourced or managed model, especially since talent is hard to come by and companies are,…

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The Cloud’s Role in Obamacare

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and its associated list of government-approved health exchanges has certainly sparked a lot of debate. The Act has brought about partisan controversy and considerable conflict. However, it’s also a great example of how we can use emerging IT approaches for healthcare, including cloud computing, to facilitate access…

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