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Why is my registration not working?

  • For login problems, first check your spam folder.  Did you use a valid email address?  Was there a typo?  Until a user clicks on the verification link sent in the automated email registration message, an account is not active for login.  Request the registration email be resent through a password reset, or contact the admin (at) ccskguide (dot) org.

After Payment, will I get an invoice?

  • There will be a Paypal invoice, stating CCSK guide, the subscription level and the amount paid.  If you are in need of something more formal, please contact the administrator.

I paid for a subscription, and I don’t have access to the premium products section – What gives?

  • First, check your status on your profile page under the “Products Owned” section.  You should see CCSK_Guide followed by a Premier/Advanced/Standard designation.
  • If you registered and later “added” a paid subscription, there is the possibility you will create a second account.  This is especially true if your Paypal account email address is different from the email address used for registration.  Check the email address of your PAYPAL Account!  Until you click on the registration link, you are an unverified user with no access rights.
  • You must be logged in prior to buying the upgrade.
  • If you don’t see your purchased subscription under “Products Owned”, recheck the registration email and try logging in with your Paypal email address and password generated, or contact the admin (at) ccskguide (dot) org to manually add the subscription after payment verification.
  • If there is a problem with your payment (such as a charge disputed with Paypal or your credit card company), your premium access will be immediately and automatically revoked.  That’s the way the software works.  If you disputed the charge through Paypal, contact them to remove the hold on the account.  If you disputed through your credit card company, contact the administrator for paths to rectify the situation.

How can I get the most benefit from the site?

  • Depends on your background and time line.  See the cramming questions below.

There are only three (hours/days/weeks/months) before the exam – what should I do in preparing/cramming for the exam?

  • Read the end of chapter reviews in the Prep Guides (as available).  Use these to focus the rest of your studies.
  • Take the tests in either flash card or learning mode to quickly assimilate the ideas.
  • Read the forums for tips from previous test takers.
  • Take a collection of the printable tests in a one hour time block or use random exam feature in the newest Touch test engine.

What is the source of questions?  Are they braindumps or authorised from the Cloud Security Alliance?

  • The questions are generated from the CSA and ENISA materials, and are cross referenced in the explanations. There is no authorization from the CSA, but they were notified of the site.
  • Folks, after using the site and taking the exam, report that the tests represent the materials well and generally use the same logic.
  • Some questions were user submitted.  Explanations were then cross referenced into the various documents.

How frequently are the questions updated?

  • The questions come from the 2.1 CSA guidance. There are 3.0 questions ready, but the 3.0 CCSK certification exams will not be available until after August.

Approximately how many questions do you have in the database?

  • There are currently seventeen 25 question tests covering all aspects of the certification exam.

Are there group, government or student discounts available?

  • Yes.  Contact the administrator for special pricing.

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