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Bureaucratic Denial of Service and the OPM Breach

Millions of American citizens received letters over the last two months of 2015, advising them that the US Office of Personnel and Management (OPM) experienced a data breach. Although the US Government realized the breach in June, it took nearly 6 months for the letters’ delivery.  Included in the letter were references to identity theft, as…

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Personal Use of The Cloud at Work

In a recent article, Credentialed Users Responsible for Leaks, CIPPguide explored a cybersecurity report revealing that most data breaches come from those closest to the information. The report found that 1% of all internal users pose 75% of the risk to an organization. This week, we discuss related workplace concern: employees who use their own…

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Credentialed Users Responsible for Leaks

When companies suffer a cloud data breach, they usually don’t have to search very far to find who is responsible. A recent analysis of one billion files shared by 10 million cloud users strongly suggests in most instances, those closest to the data may be those most responsible for its leaking. In other words, one…

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Encryption Interoperability and Key Management in the Cloud

The National Institute of Standards and Technology defines a cryptographic key as “a parameter used in conjunction with a cryptographic algorithm that determines its operation in such a way that an entity with knowledge of the key can reproduce or reverse the operation, while an entity without knowledge of the key cannot.” Encryption key management…

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Cloud Data Protection Pact Announced by Cloud Tech Giant

  Announcement at Data Technology Day in Beijing Over 2,000 of the world’s major players in data management and cloud technology attended the inaugural Data Technology Day in Bejing last week. The event was organized by Alibaba’s cloud computing subsidiary Aliyun. Government agencies, developers, and elites were on hand to hear the details about the…

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