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The CCSK Guide provides reliable and accurate information to cloud security professionals. We hope individuals seeking the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge will find further information specifically targeted at their CCSK pursuit.
Please review the user agreement for the forums and testing services. CCSK Guide requires registration before use of the testing services. We hope you find this service useful, and good luck on the exam!

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Amazon Echo, and Alexa’s little sister Echo Dot, topped many holiday gift wish lists in 2016. Since its debut two years ago, Amazon Echo sales exceeded 5.1 million units. Now that holiday decorations are put away and Alexa has been in recipients’ homes for a while, many people are finding out that the convenience may…

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AgTech: Crops in the Cloud 

Farming is traditionally a family affair. Generations of land and techniques pass down in the family business. As younger farmers take on more responsibilities, they are bringing new technology along with them. AgTech, the process of combining agriculture and technology, is an up and coming business sector. Increasingly, farmers are relying on 21st century technologies to keep their generations-old businesses growing. AgTech…

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Keeping Protected Health Information Safe in the Cloud

Does your doctor’s office store your personal health information in the cloud? As electronic health records become more commonplace, entities that must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are looking for ways to streamline storage and backups of all of these data. While the cloud seems like an obvious solution, is…

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Mobile devices are essential parts of many people’s daily lives. Whether it’s an iPhone or Android, all of the user’s data is in included in one convenient package: GPS, contact list, camera roll, emails, passwords, messaging, social media, etc. Mobile users are discovering this week that their fingerprints, passcodes, PINs, and passwords aren’t enough to…

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Electronic Privacy Communications Act and Cloud Computing

A decision has come down in what may be the first legal challenge to a US search warrant for data stored overseas. In July 2016, Microsoft Corp. won an appeal against the US Department of Justice surrounding law enforcement access to email stored in the cloud on a server in Dublin, Ireland. The three justices…

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