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The CCSK Guide provides reliable and accurate information to cloud security professionals. We hope individuals seeking the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge will find further information specifically targeted at their CCSK pursuit.
Please review the user agreement for the forums and testing services. CCSK Guide requires registration before use of the testing services. We hope you find this service useful, and good luck on the exam!

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Mobile devices are essential parts of many people’s daily lives. Whether it’s an iPhone or Android, all of the user’s data is in included in one convenient package: GPS, contact list, camera roll, emails, passwords, messaging, social media, etc. Mobile users are discovering this week that their fingerprints, passcodes, PINs, and passwords aren’t enough to…

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Electronic Privacy Communications Act and Cloud Computing

A decision has come down in what may be the first legal challenge to a US search warrant for data stored overseas. In July 2016, Microsoft Corp. won an appeal against the US Department of Justice surrounding law enforcement access to email stored in the cloud on a server in Dublin, Ireland. The three justices…

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Earlier in 2016, several California hospitals faced a grim proposition: pay up immediately or lose access to medical files. Chino Valley Medical Center, Desert Valley Hospital, and Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center all fell victim to hackers demanding money in exchange for keeping their facilities’ data available. This type of extortion is known as ransomware. Ransomware…

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Millions of Mexican Voters’ Records Found Freely Floating in the Cloud

Mexican voter registration data was publicly accessible until a researcher found it on Amazon Web Services. This data contained 93.4 million records and included names, birthdates, addresses, occupations, voter identification numbers, and other information. MacKeeper Researcher Chris Vickery discovered the data hosted on the AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) in April 2016. After his finding,…

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The Treacherous 12 – Continued: 2016’s Top 5 Cloud Security Threats

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced 2016’s top cloud security threats in March during the RSA Conference. The list puts a spotlight on poor cloud computing choices that grow into legal and public image nightmares for enterprises. Two hundred and seventy-one people responded to the study, and almost half were Americans in the tech industry….

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