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Securing Identities in the Cloud – Cloud-Based Identity Management Solutions

The cloud identity is a user’s digital identity. Many of us in the industry are aware of this term as it has been commonly used for some time now. Cloud-based identity management is very important. One has to keep everything in control, for which it is important to keep the transactions between Service Providers (SP) [...]


Cloud-Based Identity Management Solutions: Options, Risks, Advantages

Cloud-based identity management is very important for everyone. Companies or even individuals cannot afford for things to go wrong. It is vital to have the right digital image in the cloud, as it tells people a lot about you. If your identity in the cloud is not managed properly, your image might be at risk. [...]


Considering Personal Security

What does online security mean to you? A “strong” password? Or just one that can’t be guessed by a family member or friend? Personal privacy becomes a much larger issue when exposed to cloud environments. While the cloud makes a wide array of tools and apps available, each one means a new path that attackers [...]


SpiderOak: High-Security Cloud Storage

SpiderOak is an attractive, secure solution for file synchronization across multiple PCs and mobile devices running different operating systems and browsers. With the advent of cloud services and the “bring-your-own-device” phenomenon, the need to access everything from anywhere has only been highlighted. SpiderOak attempts to secure sensitive data by combining security associated with internal file [...]


Four Elements of Cloud Identity

As more and more organizations, users, applications and devices are moving into the cloud, the question of identity becomes increasingly complex. Identity is tied to issues of visibility, control and security. This article examines identity issues within the cloud. It looks at the critical elements of a cloud identity strategy. Four Main Elements Cloud identity [...]


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