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The CCSK Guide provides reliable and accurate information to cloud security professionals. We hope individuals seeking the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge will find further information specifically targeted at their CCSK pursuit.
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Turning to the Personal Cloud

Like any type of cloud, the personal cloud offers the potential for the data it stores to be accessed at all times. Whether your system relies on massive storage serves to host a cloud like Facebook, or a NAS device for your small business needs, having reliable, immediate access to your data is essential. Defining […]

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Using the Cloud to Meet Business Needs

It’s been well-established that cloud computing is both an IT and business priority. For strategic CIOs, this article provides an essential checklist to ensure that cloud technologies are appropriately leveraged for business success. The potential for cloud computing goes beyond cost considerations or ease of provisioning. Rather, cloud technologies offer great opportunities for new innovation […]

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Container Technology Trend

Container technology has been receiving a lot of attention in recent days. At the end of February, IBM, Google, OpenStack and Mirantis made announcements about their container plans. According to Forrester storage analyst Henry Balatzar reporting from IBM InterConnect, “Everyone is going container crazy.” In the same week, IBM announced broad support for containers in […]

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How to Implement an Effective BYOD Program

The most recent reports from Gartner state that by 2017, half of employers will require employees to supply their own devices for work purposes. Businesses everywhere have begun to acknowledge the benefits that a BYOD model offers, including improved user productivity, engagement and satisfaction, as well as a great potential for cost savings. According to […]

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