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Encryption Interoperability and Key Management in the Cloud

The National Institute of Standards and Technology defines a cryptographic key as “a parameter used in conjunction with a cryptographic algorithm that determines its operation in such a way that an entity with knowledge of the key can reproduce or reverse the operation, while an entity without knowledge of the key cannot.” Encryption key management…

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Cloud Data Protection Pact Announced by Cloud Tech Giant

  Announcement at Data Technology Day in Beijing Over 2,000 of the world’s major players in data management and cloud technology attended the inaugural Data Technology Day in Bejing last week. The event was organized by Alibaba’s cloud computing subsidiary Aliyun. Government agencies, developers, and elites were on hand to hear the details about the…

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Cloud Robotics

Cloud robotics has been slowly gaining global attention. The field involves the integration of cloud computing technology in robots, using the internet to alter a robot’s capabilities, mainly by off-loading computation and providing services on demand. With this concept, robots are set to become more productive and efficient, meaning that the diverse requirements of end…

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New Interest in Data Centers

Interest was generated around data centers when Facebook recently built one in Sweden. Though data centers generally don’t generate a lot of media attention, Facebook’s data center garnered some buzz. This might be because of its remote location, green aspect, or that it’s Facebook. Beyond all the PR, there is real potential for savings here….

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Cloud Adoption & Risk Report 2015

The latest report from Skyhigh Networks has examined the issues for enterprises who share cloud data with partners, with almost 30 percent of data shared with partners considered “high risk.” The publication, entitled the Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, asserts that security does not end at the corporate perimeter. The average number of cloud services…

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