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Processing Power, One Truck at a Time

All over the United States, warehouses are receiving the physical architecture of cloud computing. We’re talking about boxes upon boxes of equipment like server racks, chests of drawers, giving the cloud a physicality. These are the stacks of computer servers that make remote computing and storage possible. With more and more companies moving their data […]


The Problem with Dropbox

Dropbox is a great tool and offers convenience for its users, but not for some enterprise IT departments. It’s known as the “Dropbox problem,” referring to the unauthorized and unregulated use of consumer-grade file sync-and-share apps. According to a report by Frost & Sullivan, 81 percent of line-of-business employees admitted to using such unsanctioned software […]


EU Cloud Security Firm F-Secure

We’re well aware that those in the EU take their privacy more seriously than most in the US. A Finnish online security company known as F-Secure wants to help people look after their data. The concept behind F-Secure isn’t too groundbreaking; the product allows people to access their photos, documents and video files from anywhere […]


Selling Data for Cloud Storage

These days, everything from smart phones, smart stores and smart homes are gathering and commoditizing information about us. It brings to the forefront the value and vulnerability of people’s private data. This has evolved into a huge business opportunity. Recently, a Silent Circle study found that 88 percent of people in the UK alone believe […]


Docker Uses Open Source and Cloud to Grow

Ben Golub, founder and CEO of the container management company Docker, isn’t too surprised that the tech industry is looking to him for new solutions. It’s just happening a lot more quickly than he anticipated. Commenting on the four-year-old company, Golub said: “Before the printing press nobody wrote because it was a pain to produce […]