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State of the Cloud Survey: Key Findings

Cloud computing is currently being bolstered by a huge amount of confidence from almost every industry. It’s one of the most significant and disruptive technologies to emerge on the scene within the last decade. But what do the application of cloud technologies promise for the future? According to the RightScale 2014 survey entitled Cloud Computing […]


China’s MITM Attack Against Apple iCloud Users

According to a report by Great Fire, the internet censorship watchdog, China’s state firewall is performing a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack against Apple’s iCloud users. Allegedly, the attack has been launched in response to Apple’s new default encryption methods. Since the debut of iOS 8, authorities are no longer permitted to bypass on-device encryption to gain […]


IBM Leaves Chips for the Cloud

IBM announced in late October that it would be paying a staggering $1.5 billion in cash over the next five years to GlobalFoundries, a full-service semiconductor foundry, in an effort to move away from its computer chip division. The sale of the chip business is just one part of IBM’s longer term shift away from […]


Chemical Companies to Vastly Increase Digital Spending

In a recent study conducted by Accenture, chemical companies are set to dramatically increase their spending on digital technologies over the next three years, with cloud computing and big data analytics expected to generate the highest return on investment. The study, known as the Digital Chemicals Survey, included over 150 C-level executives and top management […]


The Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things has been touted as a means of improving operational efficiency. These days, companies can also benefit by leveraging it as a tool for discovering unexpected avenues for growth. This article takes a closer look at what this actually means. What is the Industrial Internet of Things? The Industrial Internet of […]