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New Era of Cloud Computing in Latin America

According to many observers and industry experts, the Latin American market has entered a new era of cloud computing. Previous challenges included technological awareness, but in this new phase, barriers are now how and where to properly invest in cloud services. Frost & Sullivan’s Latin America technology leader, Fernando Belfort spoke at a technology event […]


Forensic Science in Cloud Environments

Over the past few years, cloud computing has developed from an emerging technology to government mainstay, enabling agencies to have an IT channel for sharing services, cutting costs and increasing efficiency. However, cloud computing continues to present some major technical challenges in government, as demonstrated by a recent report issued by the National Institute of […]


IBM Makes a Deal with California Government Agencies

The state of California has announced that it is investing in its own private cloud in order to ease flow of government service channels that are all too common place in the densely populated state. This article introduces “CalCloud,” a collaboration between the California Department of Technology and tech giant IBM. It is designed to […]


Rackspace Sets the Standard

Cloud hosting provider Rackspace is garnering recognition, particularly in the Asia Pacific market. This isn’t an easy feat, as the company operates in a highly competitive cloud hosting space that is primarily dominated by Amazon, Google and Microsoft. In order to be successful, any company needs to exercise some smarts. A different approach Rackspace believes […]


Rising Cost of Data Breaches

According to a recent Ponemon Institute report, data breaches have become commonplace, but the cost of treating them has increased substantially. According to the report entitled 2014 Cost of Data Breach: Global Analysis, with the exception of Germany, companies have had to spend far more on their investigations, notification and response when their sensitive and […]